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Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah) roughly translates to “country bumpkin” and it is the national drink of Brazil. It’s made with cachaça, an intensely sweet Brazilian style of rum that is made from sugarcane juice. The Caipirinha is a perfect cocktail to adapt for seasonal fruits and is fun to use with different fruit combinations.


Caipirinha 13
2 oz. Cachaça with half a fresh lime and sugar
Pineapple, Orange or Strawberry Caipirinha 10.
2 oz. Cachaça served with fresh muddled fruit of choice

Capirosca 13
2 oz. vodka with half a fresh lime and sugar

Skinny Margarita 13
Fresh orange, lemon and lime muddled with splenda and shaken with tequila

Brasa Colada 13
Blended Rum, coconut, fresh bananas, pineapple and strawberries topped with whipped cream

Mojito 13
Fresh mint and lime muddled with sugar, shaken with rum and topped with soda, Also available in strawberry and pineapple

Cucumber Collins 14
Cucumber vodka, cucumbers, mint, lime juice topped with soda water

Trip to Brazil 13
Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Banana, Chocolate Liqueur Coffee Liqueur and Cream

Smoked Old Fashion 16
Traditional Old Fashion, cold-smoked with either Cherry, Hickory or Oak Wood

French 75  13
Muddled lemon & sugar shaken with gin & topped with champagne, served in a flute

Blackberry Margarita 14
Blackberry puree, tequila, triple sec & lime juice

Sangria — glass 8 carafe 20
Our Spanish style wine cocktail with fresh juice and oranges

Brazilian Kiss 8
Raspberry champagne with fresh fruit and chocolate